The reasons for installing bamboo flooring

  • Easy maintenance: bamboo laminate flooring is relatively easy to serve.You just have to sweep or vacuum it regularly in order to remove small particles. It also can be cleaned with a damp mop with applying special detergents for wood and bamboo.
  • Waterproof: bamboo flooring is a little more resistant to damage from water, than the ordinary materials.
  • The using of natural materials is now a major trend in the design industry.Nowadays people are becoming more and more environmentally conscious, and that is why they demand products that reflect all these values. They are also trying to acquire materials and constructions, which are able to show their individuality and naturalness.
  • Price: this material will cost not much than the most wood floorings.The average price for bamboo laminate flooring is 25 to 50 dollars per square meter.
  • Durability: There are certain kinds of bamboo, which can be very strong, tough and durable.The natural features of bamboo flooring allows it to be as strong as the one made of red oak.
  • Style: Bamboo is a fashionable material for the floor, which can give some elegance to any premise.It looks similar to hardwood, but bamboo flooring can have different shades. This feature can add something really special to your room.

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Bamboo look laminate flooring

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